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For bold and well-judged projects


Strong and reliable partnerships are essential when it comes to meeting the complex challenges of contemporary information management. The consultants, project managers, and trainers at SONOXO see themselves as supporters, partners, and facilitators of the successful implementation of client projects.

Projects are what we do!

Managers often find that projects are simply assigned to them. Then the project starts to take up more time. Complexities, costs, risks, and difficulties begin to mount up. The project is seen as interfering with key tasks and core business. At this stage, entire projects are often dropped completely or not completed in line with their defined objectives.

There is another way to manage your projects!

To "project" means to stretch out, thrust out, throw forth. SONOXO takes this general meaning of the word "project" literally. Have a look at the services and solutions that SONOXO has to offer. They are designed to ensure that projects move forward within the given time frame and budget, having a wide-ranging, successful impact that can even extend above and beyond the project scope.

Do not give up on your projects: SONOXO can help!

Prudent and prescient, SONOXO is your competent and reliable IT partner for strategy consulting, project management, and easy and secure collaboration. In all project phases and for all project scales. So you can devote yourself to your key tasks and core business while your project achives its most important goal: successful, sustainable progress for your company.


Strategy Consulting

For your strategies to be successful over the long term, many different perspectives must be taken into account. Above all, the team's outlook and actions must always be coherent. At SONOXO, we focus on selecting the elements and teams that are right for your strategy.



Project Management

Proven methodologies, standards, and team-dynamic processes tailored to your project form a solid basis for successful project management. At SONOXO, we focus on using our expertise and experience to achieve your project goals.


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Throughout every phase of your project and beyond, easy and secure collaboration is essential. Any time, any place, and any devices. SONOXO offers simple solutions tailored to your requirements.


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Take a look at the services, knowledge, and experience that SONOXO has to offer. Positive transformation and lasting project success can only be achieved by combining a bold approach with good judgment. We at SONOXO will work with you to focus on the long-term success of your project. Get in touch and see for yourself!

BSI Grundschutz compliance / ISO/IEC 27001

Security is our concern!

In our consulting projects, we are guided by the norms and standards of the BSI IT Grundschutz.

Furthermore, SONOXO has been certified on the basis of the DIN EN ISO/IEC 27001:2017-06 standard since 15.10.2021. The ISO 27001 certification ensures that SONOXO meets the requirements for up-to-date information security and that we can guarantee our customers and partners responsible handling of information and data.

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